Project Cargo


We manage more complex shipments, project cargo from plant engineering, transferring even whole manufacturing plants.

The project is managed at 360 degrees, follow direttamento all phases of transport the choice of means of transport and routes through the stages of packing and organization of timing as a function of embarkation to the cover, is a division that involved in shipping oversize and overweight, transport not covered by the usual standards.

Since the beginning of the experts Job uses alongside technicians customer, to study and analyze all the issues of transport, in order to choose the best solution from the point of view.

We plan, organize and carry out the delivery of goods and products of any kind, size and weight and we only use trained, highly qualified and experienced staff that accompanies your load from beginning to end.

Our project logistics management services include:

  • Shipments by sea, land and air
  • Embarkation / disembarkation portuali / airport
  • Chartering by sea or air for partial or full loads
  • Inspection and inspection facilities to send
  • Feasibility studies and implementation of transport projects, door-to-door
  • Quantification and distribution of parts to define ways and means of transport suitable
  • Booking space ship / aircraft specific
  • Storage and parking of finished products in port or warehouses waiting for boarding
  • Maritime transport with a special lifting by ship heavy-lift
  • Road transport exceptional size and weight trucks with capacity up to 400 tons.
  • Exceptional road transport up to 1500 tons. in defined areas of the site and / or in the ports of embarkation-disembarkation
  • Embarkation Roll On - Roll Off ferries or on Ro-Ro package details
  • Carrying out customs formalities for import-export
  • Insurance assistance
  • Follow Up and Customer Service
Download file: shipHeaderLarge.jpg
Download file: shipHeaderLarge.jpg