Servizi Logistica Outsourcing

We manage for some of our customers some merchandise stores that have chosen to outsource the management of some of their stores to retrieve the flexibility at the same time guaranteeing a high quality of services.

The flexibility of our company allows the use of both human resources and handling of different sources, absorbing bits and demand variations. The customer, in this way, has the guarantee of profitably use, without the risk of immobilizing resources.
Program development and implementation are always designed and carried out in close cooperation with customers.
We offer logistics services both conventional and ad hoc projects studied by analyzing the flow processes, and highly specialized services designed specifically to meet the needs of customers with whom he became a partner in all respects.
The services that are Boriani proposes the following:
  • Supply chain management according to the logistic models adopted by the customer and his needs
  • Management of distribution centers
  • Warehouse management internal customers to the establishments
  • Management of warehouses on consignment